Position Statements

School-based Audiology Advocacy Series Documents  NEW STATEMENTS POSTED!

  1. School-based Audiology Services (approved September 2009)

  2. Classroom Acoustics (approved September 2009)

  3. Hearing Assistance Technology (approved September 2009)

  4. Hearing Screening (approved September 2009)

  5. Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention (approved September 2009)

  6. References and Resource Materials (approved September 2009)

  7. Audiology Services Under 504 (approved July 2010)
  8. Auditory (Re)Habilitation (approved July 2010)
  9. Educational Audiology Services Under IDEA: Pertinent Regulations (approved July 2010)
  10. The Educational and Clinical Audiology Partnership (approved July 2010)
  11. The Educational Audiologist's Role in EHDI and On-Going Hearing Loss Surveillance in Young Children (approved July 2010)
  12. Assessment (approved November 2011)
  13. Classroom Audio Distribution Systems (approved November 2011)
  14. Counseling (approved June 2012)   NEW!

  15. Response To Intervention (approved June 2012) NEW!

This PowerPoint presentation, available to EAA members only, illustrates each of EAA’s advocacy statements. These include School-based Audiology Services, Hearing Screening, Role in EHDI and On-Going Hearing Loss Surveillance in Young Children, School-Based Audiology Assessment, Classroom Acoustics, Hearing Assistance Technology, Classroom Audio Distribution Systems, Auditory (Re)Habilitation, Counseling, Noise and Hearing Loss Prevention, Educational Audiology Services Under 504, The Educational and Clinical Audiology Partnership.

Position Statements are in Adobe PDF format - do download a free version of Adobe PDF click here

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